• id: A unique UUID for the query

  • project_id: project_id of project into which users are invited (required)

  • to: comma- or semicolon-delimited string of email addresses (required)

  • email: body of the email to be sent, may include HTML markup (required)

  • title: string that will be used for project title in the email (required)

  • link2proj: URL for the target project (required)

  • replyto: Reply-To email address

  • replyto_name: Reply-To name

  • subject: email Subject

Invite users who do not already have a CoCalc account to join a project. An invitation email is sent to each user in the to option. Invitation is not sent if there is already a CoCalc account with the given email address. You must be owner or collaborator on the target project.

Limitations: - Total length of the request message must be less than or equal to 1024 characters. - Length of each email address must be less than 128 characters.


curl -u sk_abcdefQWERTY090900000000: \
  -d project_id=18955da4-4bfa-4afa-910c-7f2358c05eb8 \
  -d [email protected] \
  -d 'email=Please sign up and join this project.' \
  -d 'title=Class Project' \
  -d link2proj= \
==>  {"event":"invite_noncloud_collaborators_resp",
      "mesg":"Invited [email protected] to collaborate on a project."}

Email sent by the previous example:

To: [email protected]
From: CoCalc <[email protected]
Reply-To: [email protected]
Subject: CoCalc Invitation

Please sign up and join this project.<br/><br/>\n<b>
To accept the invitation, please sign up at\n
<a href=''></a>\n
using exactly the email address '[email protected]'.\n
Then go to <a href=''>
the project 'Team Project'</a>.</b><br/>