• id: A unique UUID for the query
  • account_id: account id of the account whose password is being changed (required)
  • old_password: (default: β€œβ€)
  • new_password: must be between 6 and 64 characters in length (required)

Given account_id and old password for an account, set a new password.


curl -u sk_abcdefQWERTY090900000000: \
  -d account_id=... \
  -d old_password=... \
  -d new_password=... \
==> {"event":"changed_password","id":"41ff89c3-348e-4361-ad1d-372b55e1544a"}

This information is based on 86c0a8a7d1 exported at 2020-09-17T03:08:33.230Z.