• id: A unique UUID for the query

  • project_id: project_id of project to add user to (can be an array to add multiple users to multiple projects); isn’t needed if token_id is specified

  • account_id: account_id of user (can be an array to add multiple users to multiple projects) (required)

  • token_id: project_invite_token that is needed in case the user making the request is not already a project collab

Directly add a user to a CoCalc project. You must be owner or collaborator on the target project or provide, an optional valid token_id (the token determines the project). The user is NOT notified via email that they were added, and there is no confirmation process. (Eventually, there will be an accept process, or this endpoint will only work with a notion of “managed accounts”.)

You can optionally add multiple user to multiple projects by padding an array of strings for project_id and account_id. The arrays must have the same length.


curl -u sk_abcdefQWERTY090900000000: \
  -d account_id=99ebde5c-58f8-4e29-b6e4-b55b8fd71a1b \
  -d project_id=18955da4-4bfa-4afa-910c-7f2358c05eb8 \
==> {"event":"success",