• copy_path_id: A unique UUID for a copy path operation

  • src_project_id: Source of copy operation to filter on

  • target_project_id: Target of copy operation to filter on

  • src_path: (src/targ only) Source path of copy operation to filter on

  • limit: (src/targ only) maximum number of results (max 1000) (default: 1000)

  • offset: (src/targ only) default 0; set this to a multiple of the limit

  • pending: (src/targ only) true returns copy ops, which did not finish yet (default: true) (default: true)

  • failed: (src/targ only) if true, only show finished and failed copy ops (default: false) (default: false)

Retrieve status information about copy path operation(s).

There are two ways to query:

  • single result for a specific copy_path_id, which was returned by copy_path_between_projects earlier;

  • array of results, for at last one of src_project_id or target_project_id, and additionally filtered by an optionally given src_path.

Check for the field "finished", containing the timestamp when the operation completed. There might also be an "error"!

Note: You need to have read/write access to the associated src/target project.