• id: A unique UUID for the query

  • src_project_id: id of source project (required)

  • src_path: relative path of directory or file in the source project (required)

  • target_project_id: id of target project (required)

  • target_path: defaults to src_path

  • overwrite_newer: overwrite newer versions of file at destination (destructive) (default: false)

  • delete_missing: delete files in dest that are missing from source (destructive) (default: false)

  • backup: make ~ backup files instead of overwriting changed files (default: false)

  • timeout: how long to wait for the copy to complete before reporting error (though it could still succeed)

  • exclude_history: if true, exclude all files of the form *.sage-history (default: false)

Copy a file or directory from a public project to a target project.

Note: the timeout option is passed to a call to the rsync command. If no data is transferred for the specified number of seconds, then the copy terminates. The default is 0, which means no timeout.

Note: You need to have write access to the target project.


Copy public file PUBLIC/doc.txt from source project to private file A/sample.txt in target project.

curl -u sk_abcdefQWERTY090900000000: \
  -d src_project_id=e49e86aa-192f-410b-8269-4b89fd934fba \
  -d src_path=PUBLIC/doc.txt \
  -d target_project_id=2aae4347-214d-4fd1-809c-b327150442d8 \
  -d target_path=A/sample.txt \
==> {"event":"success",