CoCalc offers you a full-featured online collaborative whiteboard.

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large sample cocalc whiteboard.

General Features

CoCalc’s collaborative mathematical whiteboard supports an infinite canvas with

  • text with mathematical LaTeX expressions
  • sticky notes
  • sketching with pens
  • chat conversations with collaborators
  • hundreds of icons
  • copy and paste between whiteboards
  • frames to group objects and organize the whiteboard into sections
  • stopwatches and countdown timers to organize and track work.
  • create edges between all objects
  • infinitely split editor windows to view multiple parts of the whiteboard simultaneously
  • easily navigate with an overview map with two preview modes
  • every change you make is recorded via browsable TimeTravel and you can copy/paste from any point in the history
  • publish your whiteboards to the CoCalc share server

Jupyter Cells

A CoCalc whiteboard can include Jupyter code cells. Whiteboard code cells allow:

  • over a dozen supported kernels
  • CoCalc’s massive library of pre-installed software
  • interactive widgets
  • execution order determined by a directed graph
whiteboard with two code cells and a sticky note