Project Log

The Project activity log gives you quick access to a timeline of past project actions. Once you have a project open, you can view the log by clicking the history icon (“history”) icon at upper left in the project toolbar.

project log

Recently opened files

Opening a recently-updated file by clicking on its name in the project log is often the quickest way to get back to a file you were just working on.

Each time a file is opened with the CoCalc editor, a log entry is created with the timestamp and the name of the user who opened the file. The name of the file is a link that lets you open the file in your session.

Collaborator actions

Note that each event in the log has the name of the project owner or collaborator who caused that event. You can enter the name of a user in the log filter (“Search log…” - see below) to view the activities of a specific collaborator.

What is logged

Here is a list of project activities that cause log entries to be created:

Filter log entries displayed

By typing any string into the “Search log…” box, you can limit the log entries displayed to those that contain your search text. This way, you can search for events relating to a specific file, user, action, etc.

filtering log entries

filtering log entries for the string “data”

Load older entries

The initial project log shows at most 300 entries from the last 2 months. When you click “Load older…” it gets up 7500 log entries going back as long as you want. The display returns to the shorter list if you refresh your browser.