purchases tab when there are no active subscriptions

order form displays if no subscriptions are active

purchases tab when there are active subscriptions

active subscriptions, if present, are displayed

Payment methods

This is where you can enter credit card information for the CoCalc account. Credit card details (full credit card number, expiration date, CVV number) are maintained by our payment provider and are not stored on CoCalc servers or visible to the CoCalc support team.


This section lists your currently active license subscriptions, personal plans, and course packages. The word “Active” denotes ordinary active subscriptions. The word “Trialing” indicates a free trial or other custom subscription plan.


If you have further questions about course packages, subscriptions, or upgrades, please consult the Billing/Upgrades FAQ!

active subscriptions displayed in purchases tab

list of active subscriptions

Note that you can “stack” multiple course plans to combine the resources. In the example above, a Small Course (25 students) and a Medium Course (70 students) are combined to provide for a class of 95 students.

Personal subscriptions renew automatically. Course plans do not renew automatically.

To cancel a subscription, find the subscription in the active subscription list and click End at the far right. The subscription will not be auto-renewed at the next renewal date and the expiration date will be displayed in the subscription list.

warning dialog after clicking cancel on a subscription

dialog shown after clicking “Cancel” in the previous example

Invoices and receipts

The “Invoices and receipts” section shows a list of CoCalc purchases made using the order process on this page.

condensed list of receipts

view of receipts

expanded list of receipts

view of receipts showing details for each item