Project Toolbar

Here’s a tour of the topmost toolbar in CoCalc.

the project toolbar

the project toolbar

Going from left to right:

Project List

Visit the Projects link or click the word Projects to the right of the CoCalc logo to create your first project or see a list of your existing projects. Learn more at Project List.

Open Projects

To the right of the Projects button, tab buttons will appear for each project you have open.

tabs for open projects occupy the middle of the project toolbar
  • To the left of the project title in each button, you will see a run icon running project icon if the project is running, and a stop icon stopped project icon if the project is stopped.

  • To the right of the project title in each button, a red disconnect icon project disconnected icon will appear if the project is not connected. It is normal for the disconnect icon to appear if the project is not running.

  • At the far right in each button, there is a close-project icon close project icon that allows you to close the project.

A member-hosted project that is running will continue running after it is closed until its idle time has been reached. At that point it will be stopped.

If you close your browser window or sign out, CoCalc will remember your open projects and files (this is your CoCalc session), and restore the project tabs the next time you sign in.


help medkit icon Use the Help button if you have any questions about CoCalc. If you have a question while you have a file open in CoCalc, clicking Help will automatically include a link to the file in your request, allowing our support team to understand the issue better. If you are getting a result that you don’t expect, it helps to include steps for us to reproduce the problem.


sample avatar in a circle The Account button has the avatar for your account in a small circle just left of the word “Account”. Click here to update your profile, sign out, order subscriptions, view your upgrades, add SSH Keys, and check on support tickets. Read more about account actions here.


a nearly square closed envelope Clicking the envelope icon will show you notifications of @-mentions and news items. If there are unread notifications, a count is displayed, as shown.

Recently Edited Documents and Chat

counter for edited documents Just right of the notifications envelope is a counter you can click to see Recently edited documents and chat.

Connection Status

connection status wifi icon The connection status icon changes color as shown below to indicate changes in the connection between your browser and CoCalc servers.

See below for connection status icon color codes.

Colors for the connection status icon:

  • Grey: connected, no messages in flight.

  • Dark Blue: connected, moderate load.

  • Light Blue: connected, significant load.

  • Red: connected, serious message backlog.

  • Orange: disconnected / connecting.

    Clicking the connection status icon brings up a window with additional connection detail, including round-trip ping time to the CoCalc servers. If the ping time doesn’t appear right away, wait a bit; it’s tested every 30 seconds when the window is open.

Connection status pop-up showing ping time, hub server id, and message counts.

Fullscreen Mode

expand fullscreen icon Clicking here will toggle fullscreen mode, to hide or show the project and file toolbars.