Software Updates 2023

2023-12-11: Sage 10.2 and Python 3 (Colab)

  • (new) Sagemath 10.2 is now available as a Jupyter Notebook kernel or the sage-10.2 executable. Note: 3D graphics are broken.

  • (new) Python 3 (Colab): this Python environment is very similar to what is offered in Google Colab. This makes moving your worksheets over to CoCalc easy. Note, for GPU support start a Compute Server and select the “Colab” environment.

  • (upd) system-wide/R/Python 3: as usual, many updated packages and libraries

2023-10-23: Miniforge 2023

  • (new) Python3 Miniforge 2023 environment:
    • Based on Python 3.10, various data science related packages with a newer version than in the existing Anaconda 2022 environment

  • Python3 (system-wide):
    • (new) capytaine: Python BEM solver for linear potential flow, based on Nemoh

  • System-wide: update various packages

2023-09-11: Sage 10.1

After an intermediate update, this one makes Sage 10.1 available. More info, see CoCalc News item #23.

2023-07-12: Sage 10.0 on Ubuntu 20.04

The deprecated Ubuntu 20.04 recieved an update. Besides many package updates across all areas, the default SageMath version is now 10.0. Run sage_select in a Linux Terminal to learn how to switch back to an earlier version.

This line of software environments only receives occasional updates.

2023-06-28: Macaulay2, new Python pkgs, etc.

Updates to the Ubuntu 22.04 image:

  • (new) Macaulay2 – Jupyter Kernel: m2 example notebook

  • Python3 (system-wide):
    • (new) GerryChaina library for using Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods to study the problem of political redistricting.

    • (new) cirqcreating, editing, and invoking Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) circuits

    • (new) tequilaA High-Level Abstraction Framework for Quantum Algorithms

Besides that, various updates to system packages and Anaconda 2021.

2023-06-07: Ubuntu 22.04 and Sage 10.0

The “Ubuntu 22.04” based line of images became the default for new projects. We’ll continue to update the 20.04 line of images, but long-term it will become stale.

  • Sage:
    • (upd) the system-wide SageMath version to 10.0. Run sage_select in a Linux Terminal to learn how to switch back to an earlier version.

  • System-wide:
    • cont. update various packages

    • (rem) IJavascript on Ubuntu 20.04: Updating Node.js to 16 (from the deprecated 14) made it impossible to compile ijavascript. Please switch to the Ubuntu 22.04 image!

2023-03-30: DUNE, OpenAI, etc.

  • Python 3:
    • (new) DUNEthe Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment is a modular toolbox for solving partial differential equations (PDEs) with grid-based methods. It supports the easy implementation of methods like Finite Elements (FE), Finite Volumes (FV), and also Finite Differences (FD)

    • (upd) many packages, among them the OpenAI python library

  • Executables:
    • Various updates to software packages, python libs, R, etc.

2023-02-27: Sage 9.8

  • Sage:
    • (upd) the system-wide SageMath version to 9.8. Run sage_select in a Linux Terminal to learn how to switch back to an earlier version. In the near future, this will become the default version of Sage.

2023-01-08: First release of Ubuntu 22.04

The main focus of releasing the 22.04 variant is to provide as many software applications as for the older 20.04 line. However, it won’t be possible to provide 100% and there will also be new software, only available in the newer variant. Additionally, many newer versions will be available – starting with a more recent version of Python.