Software Updates 2024

2024-02-07: Octave fixes

On top of various updates to many system packages and libraries, this update also tweaks how Octave output is processed. This should address issue #6695.

2024-01-02: Sage 10.2 and Julia 1.10

Let’s start 2024 with a larger update!

  • (new) SageMath version 10.2 is the default now: 10.2 release tour. You can use the sage_select utility to switch what version to use in a Sage Worksheets or switch the kernel in a Jupyter Notebook.

  • (new) Julia 1.10: 1.10 release notes: Use julia-<version> on the command line or a different kernel to switch between versions.

  • (upd) system-wide, there are a lot of updates, not only the Python 3 based environment, but also various Linux utilities. E.g. gcc 12 is available now.