Using the CoCalc API to get the email address of a user from their account_id

We assume you can do a basic query as explained in purchasing licenses.

If your API key is for an account with elevated privileges, i.e., an admin or partner, then you can get the email address associated with any account_id, as illustrated below.

NOTE: Some accounts in CoCalc do not have any email address associated to them, in which case this api call will return an email address of undefined. For example anonymous accounts have no identifying information at all. As another example, if a user creates an account using single-sign on via GitHub or Twitter, then they also may not have an email address, since GitHub and Twitter don’t provide email.

Email address of a user

Put the account_id below of the user whose email address you want to look up:

curl -sk -u $key: -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
   -d '{"account_id":"a407dd35-c960-481c-123F-1238c868ff8b"}' \


{"email_address":"[email protected]"}