File Too Large

Here are suggestions for what to do if you get a file-too-large error when opening a file in CoCalc.

Jupyter Notebook Too Large

If you receive the error message Fatal Error loading ipynb file with text saying your file is too large, your notebook has probably created too much output. The Notebook too large? section of this manual has suggestions what to do.

HTML or Text File

An HTML or text file larger than 5 MB can’t be edited with the CoCalc Frame Editor.

Here is a workaround to view a large .html or .txt file in a CoCalc project in your browser.

  1. In the file listing, click the checkbox to the left of the file.

  2. Click the “Download” button at the top.

  3. Click on the link that you see.

If you want to edit the file, you can open a Linux Terminal and use one of the Linux editing utilities, such as “vi” or “emacs”.

CSV File

Attempting to open a CSV file over 5 MB in size results in the following error:

file too large error

CSV file too large error

In this case you can view the file with command-line tools like less, or the vim editor, or view the file using libreoffice or the localc application in an x11 terminal.