Can’t Save File

If you are using CoCalc and are suddenly unable to save a file:

  1. If the problem is a temporary bad connection, saving will resume normally after the connection is restored. This will be the case if the connection status icon is orange or red, or the words “Disconnected” or “Connecting” appear on an orange background at upper right.

  2. If the problem does not appear to be a temporary connection problem, then consider other possible causes. Did the file suddenly become very large, causing you to hit some size limit? One way this can happen is if you are running a program that creates a plot with a large number of points. Or did the project run out of disk space? You can check disk space utilization under project settings.

  3. If the cause is uncertain, then try the following:

    1. Copy to your computer’s clipboard any unsaved work and save to a file on your local computer, in case you need to restore it.

    2. Reload your browser tab. This will often clear up front-end issues.

    3. Restart the project in project settings. This should solve most other problems.