Recovering a Deleted Project

To recover individual files that are missing, see Recovering a Deleted File.

I think I deleted my project! What do I do?

First, relax – there is currently (as of Feb 2019) no way for you to permanently delete a project in CoCalc (we do plan to implement this). It is also almost impossible to delete data from a project, too.

I clicked the x next to my project at the top, and now it is gone.

If you close a project, just click on the “Projects’ tab in the upper right, then find your project in the list and open it. Done.

I (or a collaborator) clicked on “Delete Project” in Project Settings.

In this case, click “Deleted” at the top of the Projects page to show all deleted projects, then find your project, click on it, go the project settings page, and undelete your project. Your project will then be listed as normal.

I logged in and my projects are gone or empty!

If your projects are all gone, then really you have somehow signed in using a different account. You can sign into CoCalc in many ways:
  • using an email address and password that you setup specifically for CoCalc

  • by clicking on one of the Google, Twitter, Github or Facebook buttons.

If you sign in, and your projects are all gone, then what really happened is that you’ve created a new account using a different sign in method. Try signing in other ways. If you really, really can’t figure out what is going on, email, tell us as much as you can about yourself and how you first made an account, and we’ll sort things out. For example, every few days somebody emails because they make a typo in their email address when creating their account, and we hunt it down for them.

If your project is empty, then again you may have signed in using the wrong account and probably are looking at a different project. Maybe you made another one with the same name. See above.