Install AWS CLI

Here is how you can install AWS command-line utility in a CoCalc project. The main idea is to unpack the distribution in your project and tell the installation script to put it into your project.

This works for any kind of utility, which comes pre-packaged and can be installed in your $HOME-directory.

cd                     # make sure you're in your $HOME directory
mkdir awscli           # where it will end up
cd awscli/
curl "" -o ""
./aws/install -i ~/awscli -b ~/bin            # the installation
rm -rf aws                       # remove temporary files

What remains are installation artifacts in ~/awscli and a symlink from your ~/bin directory to the entry point where it has been installed. Confirm this by running which aws.

With that, you can run

$ aws --version gives

aws-cli/2.13.28 Python/3.11.6 Linux/5.15.0-1038-gcp exe/x86_64.ubuntu.22 prompt/off