CoCalc for Short Training Sessions

We’ve created this note in response to inquiries about using CoCalc for short training sessions.

Regarding courses, upgrades and pricing, the model is flexible. The instructor and each student have separate projects. Upgrades are applied to projects, being sure to apply Member Hosting and Internet Access to each project currently in use.

Note, there are currently two ways to get out of the Trial Projects:

  • License Keys: this is a recently introduced method. You obtain a code, which upgrades up to a specific number of simultaneously running projects with a specific upgrade schema. (learn more: Licenses)
  • Plans/Subscriptions: that’s the older method, which will be phased out. It gives you certain preset upgrades for a few predefined numbers of projects. (learn more: Subscriptions)

1. Upgrade Instructor Project

First, you will want to make sure that your intructor project is upgraded. You can either obtain a small license key or a Personal Standard Plan.

2. Order Session Resources as Needed

New method using License Codes:

First, you want to make sure to know which upgrades for each project you need. You probably want to make some tests, check out memory usage, etc.

Next, you need to know how many projects will be running at the same time. That’s usually the number of participants.

Finally, when will the training start and when will it end?

With that, you go to the Licenses dialog in your Account panel to obtain a license key for the given number of projects with the upgrades you need.

Old method using Course Packages:

Each time you run a workshop, buy a one-time course. One-week courses are available directly from the self-service order form under Account / Subscriptions and Course Packages for class sizes of 10, 25, 70, and 250 students. Buying several courses at one time gives you the sum of the supported class sizes of the individual courses.

3. Setup for Each Session

Before a session starts, you have to setup the projects for all participants.

For each training session, create a new course file and add the participants via their email address as under the Students tab. You can have more than one course file in the same project.

Upgrade the projects of the students. Please read Teacher or institution pays for upgrades.

4. Handouts and Assignments

You can use the course interface to distribute Handouts and Assignments to the student projects. This lets you copy all files from a directory in your project to all student projects.

5. After a Session is Done

When you have a course package (older method), you might want to remove the upgrades from the projects. Open the upgrade dialog again and un-check the upgrades and apply it. This will free your upgrades for other projects and make sure remaining upgrades will be available again. The participants of the session that has ended will not lose access to their projects, but they’ll run without upgrades.

Hint: In Account / Upgrades you can always check where your upgrades are currently applied.


If you have questions about any of the above, or would like a quote on a custom course duration or course size, contact us at