nbgrader in CoCalc


This section of the User Manual describes features that are under active development and expected to be available soon.

nbgrader is a tool for creating and grading assignments in Jupyter notebooks. CoCalc Jupyter notebooks include support for nbgrader core features without the need for added modules and extensions.

Purpose of nbgrader

nbgrader is intended to provide the following teaching-related functions in a Jupyter notebook environment: [1]

  1. Maintain separate instructor & student notebooks.
  2. Autograde coding exercises.
  3. Manually grade free-form responses.
  4. Leave comments for students.

CoCalc nbgrader differences from classic nbgrader

  • no need to install special modules or extensions
  • integrates with CoCalc course management tools for distributing and collecting assignments
  • run student in student project, not in instructor project
  • error reports in a separate frame
  • annotating cells
  • summary at the top
    • how many questions there are
    • how many you are successfully completed
    • how many remain
    • able jump directly to each question
  • validate button does “run all not stopping for errors”
  • annotation next to answer cells, so you know that evaluating them without errors gives you a certain number of points
  • button to insert a template with the appropriate text when making an assignment
  • more context/support for students using nbgrader enhanced notebooks


[1]The list of nbgrader functions is taken from the introductory video in the nbgrader documentation.