C++ Programming

You can create C++ programs in the Frame Editor.

Create a file by clicking “(+) New”, then typing in a filename ending in .C (or .cpp), for example hello.C. You’ll get syntax highlighting, indentation, code folding, etc.

You can then open a Linux terminal by either splitting your .C edit session and selecting Terminal at upper right in one of the frames of the split (see below), or starting a new .term file.

editing and running C++ from the frame editor

To compile the program, type make in the terminal, followed by the name of your file without the suffix, or explicitly use the g++ command as shown. Then run the program by typing the file name preceded by a period and a slash, without the suffix on the command line:

# compile
make hello
# OR
g++ -o hello hello.C

# run the compiled program
... program output appears here ...

For further study, see isocpp.org: Get Started!