Invite via Tokens

Have you ever given a talk online and wanted to have everybody in the audience easily add themselves as collaborators on a CoCalc project, e.g. to watch you do some live coding or to chat in a chatroom with math typesetting? Now you can. See below for creating a link you can send to your audience that will invite them into the project of your choice.

Using a Project Invitation Token

Your audience can use the invitation token by opening the Projects list in CoCalc and pasting the token into the upper right in the area for “Project invite token”. They will be added as collaborators and the project will be opened for them.

add token in projects list

Enter an invitation token in the Projects list

No Limits

  • There is no limit on how many times a token can be used.

  • Anonymous users are NOT automatically removed from the project.

  • There is no limit on what users can see in the project. If you share an invitation link, be sure there is no private information in the project!

There’s some discussion about the implementation of invitation tokens and possible enhancements under the CoCalc GitHub issue: Have a special url for projects… #885.