2020-01-13: Export student file use

This feature provides 1-click export of extensive data about what students do in an assignment or handout. Getting information about what happens with anonymous users of shares is not implemented.

To get a report about all the times when students opened or edited any file in an assignment or handout, do the following:

  1. Open a .course file.
  2. Toggle to show the information about a handout or assignment, and scroll to the bottom.
  3. There is a new button “Export file use times for this…”
  4. Click that button.
  5. A json file will open in a new tab. Hopefully the format is self explanatory. The times are all in milliseconds since the epoch, so in Javascript you can write new Date(time) to make this a date, and in Python do this. You can also load json into python using the json module (import json).

The json files are created in the following path:

course-exports/[name of course]/file-use-times/[handouts|assignments]/assignment_name.json

export file use times in course file Assingments tab

2020-01-13: Site licenses

Instead of using CoCalc’s upgrade system, you enter a license key in the course configuration, and all projects associated to that course are automatically upgraded when they start up. If this is something you might be interested in, contact us at


enter license key in course file Configuration tab

2019-12-16: Anonymous accounts

New uses do not have to sign up on CoCalc any more. An “anonymous” account is created and you can start exporing CoCalc immediately. It is possible to convert this account into a regular CoCalc account any time.

Beyond that, publicly shared files can be the seed for a new project. This makes it easy to experiment with published content.