CoCalc Docker Image Updates 2019


  • Platform
    • multifile latex initial release
      • The user interface is initially identical to the current single-file interface, except with some bug fixes.
      • If you explicitly input other files, then build, there is a new menu on the top of a text editor that lets you select from any of the subfiles.
      • If you double click on the pdf on some latex generated by a subfile, then that file is automatically opened.
      • Errors and warnings have links that, when clicked, may open a subfile.
      • Forward search from subfiles works as it should.
      • Saving a subfile saves all files and kicks off a build.
    • upgrade to the latest version of pdfjs
    • bug fix: latex hyperref link boxes in pdf preview - this was CoCalc issue 3750
    • bug fix: edge case where clicking wouldn’t quite scroll the right part of the document into view


This note includes updates made to the platform over the past few weeks.

  • Platform
    • Publicly sharing files isn’t disabled.
    • There is a share server to serve the files.
    • The idle timeout fully works.
    • In project settings, you’ll now only see the idle timeout quota and nothing else (which makes sense as all other quotas are meaningless there).
    • As admin, you can edit the idle timeout to be whatever you want for any particular project.
    • As admin, you can browse projects of your users through the admin page.
  • Software
    • Julia updated to version 1.2.0
  • Sagemath
    • updated to version 8.9