• id: A unique UUID for the query

  • project_id: id of project containing public file to be read (required)

  • path: path of directory in target project (required)

  • hidden: show hidden files (default: false)

  • time: sort by timestamp, with newest first (default: false)

  • start: (default: 0)

  • limit: (default: -1)

Given a project id and relative path (i.e. not beginning with a slash), list all public files and subdirectories under that path. Path is required, but may be the empty string, in which case a public listing of the home directory in the target project is returned.


Get public directory listing. Directory “Public” is shared and contains one file “hello.txt” and one subdirectory “p2”.

Security key may be blank.

curl -u : \
  -d path=Public \
  -d project_id=9a19cca3-c53d-4c7c-8c0f-e166aada7bb6 \
==> {"event":"public_directory_listing",